Beto O’Rourke cuts Ted Cruz’s lead in Texas poll, still trails by 5 points

How to tell if your guy is no longer interested in you. Source Introduction Every relationship has that honeymoon period. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Once the intense cuteness has faded, usually things have settled to the point you are comfortable and secure with one another. This does not mean your man has gone off of you; it’s just another stage in your relationship. But when things seem to take a sour turn, who’s to blame? Has he lost interest in you, or is it just a normal road bump you two have to work out?

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While most pirates were men, there were women in these ranks of raiders who were just as merciless, notorious, and feared. Spanning the globe and centuries, we introduce you to the infamous she-pirates of the seven seas. Anne’s respectable father disowned her over the marriage, so she and her new husband moved to a portion of the Bahamas nicknamed the Pirates Republic, a sanctuary of sorts for scalawags.

Apr 27,  · Though calories are probably far from your mind when you’re treating yourself to a fast food meal, many chains have become much more transparent about calorie counts.

Thats the reds of Barnsley!!!! Sharon from Doncaster Born and bred in mexborough grew up on my mams roast dinners and now me yorkshires are best in world. My grandfather was born in your fair city and came back to visit when a US soldier during World War I. Hope to visit this year with my wife and if we can find them visit the graves of my Hancox ancestors who worked as forgemen in the Osborne Steel Mill.

And my Harrop family. My wife is Polish and has made roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for the family from the Hancox receipt for years. And I let anyone and everyone around me know it – when I’m out of the county, especially south of Ponty and Europe! Keep up the good work Yorshire Folk! Been here all my life the people are ace and you can always get a gud pint and a tasty pie. Carnt change mi accent Kids still dont know what a ‘Tanner’ screwdriver is.

Nowhere else has hendersons relish to boast about! Bill Clinton used to have it sent to the White House! No place like Sheffield, no place like home!

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Friday, September 1st 8: Ambient electro acoustic music. Borden is a rising force in the experimental music landscape. He is particularly committed to working directly with composers and has worked with several established composers such as Brian Ferneyhough, La Monte Young, and Alvin Lucier as well as many younger composers, which is a priority for him. As a creative force, Tyler has been commissioned to write and perform by a variety of entities, including the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Hochstein Alumni Orchestra, and hammered dulcimer virtuoso Mitzie Collins.

The Brooklyn-based composer, perfumier, geographer, and vocalist builds oozy architectures for her songs using fragrance, costume, and only the most sincere theatrics.

It’s the L.A. Rams vs. the L.A. Chargers in the ultimate football showdown the battle for the hottest cheerleaders! Get your game face ready as you flip through the gallery and vote for the.

Share this article Share However, participants whose colour vision is not excellent or perhaps suffer from colour blindness the test could prove rather challenging. Those who ace the quiz will receive this message: The darkest shade is the top right For those who have superior colour vision being able to spot the darker colour should be relatively easy. The darkest shade is the bottom right However, for those whose colour vision is poor or perhaps suffer from colour blindness they may find the test more challenging.

The darkest shade is the bottom centre Those who are able to decipher all ten of the darker shades will be proven to have superior colour vision. The darkest shade is the top left Playbuzz adds that the results suggest high motivation and creativity. However, those who have struggled are told they may be colour blind. The darkest shade is the bottom centre Those with superior colour vision are suggested to have good creativity skills.

The darkest shade is the bottom centre Those with poor colour vision are said to have a better grasp of words. The darkest shade is the top right Colour blindness affects million people worldwide, and occurs due to an abnormality of the retina. The darkest shade is the top centre It reads: You may have severe color vision deficiency AKA color blindness. You are great with words and would make an excellent writer, reporter, or politician.

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Here are 10 facts about the late artist’s masterpiece, on what would have been his th birthday. This wave of modern art made New York the center of the art world, thanks in part to the movement’s embrace by esteemed collector and patron Peggy Guggenheim. Pollock’s contribution was his drip paintings, of which No. Pollock had only begun experimenting in this form the year before No. I feel nearer, more part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work from the four sides, and literally be in the painting.

Pollock’s works were revolutionary on several levels.

In a healthy relationship, your partner hears you out if you’re upset, and their goal is to avoid upsetting you in the future, not to debate whether you should have been upset in the first place. 2.

Dogs are forever in the pushup position. I did comedy for a fundraiser once. We were trying to raise money to buy one of those machines that shows how much money has been raised. I walked by a spy shop, you know those places that sell surveillance equipment? Every time I walk by a spy shop I think “I need to put some surveillance on somebody. Rick’s been acting fishy.

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March 16, Walt Disney Studios As the new Beauty and the Beast—starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens—readies for its big-screen premiere, the tale as old as time is ready to enchant a new generation of audiences. Before you check out the live-action update, here are a few facts about the Disney classic. Walt Disney liked to take his time mulling things over, and while he was pondering Beauty and the Beast, a live-action version of the movie was released by French filmmaker Jean Cocteau.

Perhaps not wanting to release an animated version of a movie that had just been released, Disney tabled the idea. But the company wasn’t happy with the result of 10 weeks of storyboarding which you can see here —the story was too dark and depressing. So I was flown to Disney in Florida to meet with Howard.

Decade after decade, the debate continues – is it good for children to grow up with pets? There are many positive reasons why children should own pets.

And while this next set of tweets might not perfectly sum up what love is, they certainly strike an all too familiar chord for many spouses. Marriage is essentially peeing with the door open and asking “What do you want for dinner? Hook Phook75 When my husband goes outside to investigate a strange noise, how long do I have to wait before un-pausing the show we were watching?

Married long enough to know when I hear her say “I love you,” she’s talking to our dog. I was late because I had to find all the things that were in plain sight for my husband. KeetPotato November 4, All I want is for you to love me and let me put my cold feet on you. Now there’s a record. We’re assembling a crib from Ikea… Which option on their toll free number gets you a marriage counselor?

When one door closes, another opens. Then another five doors plus two drawers open, and stay that way. You were supposed to do something about the groundhog under the deck. I named him Lord Melbourne. He likes Cocoa Puffs.

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Yeah, this is so sad. See, they didn’t wash that apple before they took this picture. This is sad because this picture perfectly exemplifies what it’s like when you’re a single person, and all of your friends are in relationships. Hey, do you think he’s single? We’re not talking about our single problems. We’re talking about single problems, in general.

Test your knowledge of pizza chain restaurants and see if you’re a true connoisseur.

If you skimmed these in school, take a closer, grownup look with our books editor Dawn Raffel. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald via barnesandnoble. When Fitzgerald died in , he was an all but forgotten writer. Soon after, there was a revival of his work, and he is now viewed as one of the great American novelists. Today, , copies of Gatsby are sold each year. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee via barnesandnoble.

For all that it exposes the racial injustice of a particular time and place, it is timeless and universal. It is a novel about right and wrong, about kindness and meanness. On the Road by Jack Kerouac via barnesandnoble. Also give these best autobiographies ever written a read. Tell Me a Riddle by Tillie Olsen via barnesandnoble.

One entry is plainly titled “I Stand Here Ironing,” and chronicles a mother’s regrets with wisdom, bravery, and not an ounce of self pity.

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Fields What is Nymphomania? Here is a toll free phone number you can call if you need help: Now, back to our not-so-serious list… Here are ten interesting and surprising facts about nymphomaniacs:

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Originally published on Everyday Feminism. I was scared to admit it. The words came flooding back from my subconscious. How could I be so petty as to resent someone who never yelled at me or physically hurt me, who I loved and wanted more than anything to get along with? But all the fights that seemed resolved every time he dropped me off at my apartment kept creeping back. I was just overreacting. He was so loving and kind in so many ways.

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