Edmonton electrician and Epcor at odds over smart meter installations

The railway, the coal mines and European emigration brought together people from vastly different backgrounds. They were all mixed together in a harsh reality that created a hard working pioneer community full of eccentric characters and wonderful stories. That history has continued to define these communities today and we invite you to come in and dig into our storied history. As you drive off into our communities, you may be amazed at the glorious beauty of the Pembina Gorge, etched out over thousands of years. For the outdoor enthusiast, we have a great deal to offer. You might miss the hustle and bustle of bigger centers, because you won t find it here. Our communities are relaxed and comfortable, and people have time to listen to a story or tell you one. Whatever you do with your time here in the Lobstick area of Yellowhead County, we hope your experience is rich and fulfilling. Should you decide to move on we hope you will remember our area with fondness. A popular place in summer is the Pembina Provincial Park, smack dab in the middle of our two hamlets in the beautiful Pembina River Valley.

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To be eligible for the regulated rate option you must be a homeowner or own a small business that consumes less than , kwh of electricity per year. Regulated rates are determined based on market prices and the approval of the Alberta Utilities Commission. Besides EPCOR energy rates that are regulated, you also have the option to choose rates from competitive retailers. Energy plans offered by Encor are not regulated and give you a variety of plan options, contract terms and prices to choose from.

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By recovering phosphorus and other nutrients from the wastewater, future discharges can be stabilized even with expected population growth in Edmonton. An excess of these nutrients can cause a significant increase in plant and algae growth, consuming available dissolved oxygen essential for fish and other aquatic life, and upsetting precious ecosystems. Overall, the process provides a leading example of full-circle sustainability.

Recovering nutrients contributes to reducing struvite – a buildup of scale in pipes and equipment that can cause wastewater plant machinery to run inefficiently. The Ostara technology was developed at the University of British Columbia, and the demonstration system was established with the City of Edmonton in at Clover Bar. The demonstration project successfully proved commercial viability, and Ostara nutrient recovery facilities have since been built in Canada, the U.

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Canada’s best source for agricultural news and information. It will include test sites in all three provinces. Additional funding will come from seed companies, which will pay fees to enter canola varieties in the trials. As of late last week, all but two of the major canola seed companies — Pio- neer and Viterra — had agreed to take part in the program. Even more Grower Dividends.

EPCOR Tower heated underground parking makes visiting a downtown Edmonton restaurant or catching an Oilers game or Concert at Rogers Place hassle free.

Google Earth is a trademark of Google Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. For additional print copies, go to www. For information about how to enter your innovative project for consideration in the next Be Inspired Awards competition or for additional information about this program, visit www. Choose to view a specifi c issue or search within each issue using terms, titles, or keywords.

The variety, scope, and scale of these projects — from a cancer treatment center in London and new roadway in Brazil to the safe decommissioning of an aging nuclear power plant in Russia and the provision of safe drinking water in the Philippines — is truly inspiring. Each is a testament to the ingenuity of architects and engineers, constructors, and owner-operators to leverage technology to improve the quality of life.

But most of these projects — and the people behind them — receive little fanfare, working in the background to provide all of us with clean energy, efficient transportation, and sustainable environments in which to live and work. Conference Highlights This global gathering of leading executives and thought leaders in the world of infrastructure is unlike any other! Attendees had an opportunity to interact with industry thought leaders from around the world, explore cutting-edge technologies, and gain insight into key industry trends that are shaping the future of infrastructure.

The Year in Infrastructure Conference, held in London, included industry-specific breakout sessions, industry keynote presentations from leading experts, and 65 real-world infrastructure projects presented by the Be Inspired finalists from around the world as part of the Be Inspired Awards competition taking place at the conference. Below are some key highlights from the conference speakers. These challenges included oversight of a huge budget with the Games costing about GBP 9.

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Geen enkel ander beest is zo nauw met Canada verbonden als de bever. Dit knaagdier was de reden dat Canada op de kaart verscheen en het is dan ook volkomen terecht het nationale dier van het land. Met een klein beetje inspanning kunt u tijdens uw rondreis bevers te zien te krijgen. Echte bedoel ik, want in de vorm van reclame-uitingen kunt in Canada niet aan bevers ontsnappen.

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EPCOR Bargaining Unit Members, your Union Negotiations Committee has booked five upcoming meetings. This is a great opportunity for you to voice your thoughts or ask questions regarding any bargaining topics that are important to you.

Smith water treatment plant in the west end of the city. EPCOR owns the land, there would be transmission cost savings, and there would be corporate benefit in developing solar energy expertise and in constructing tangible assets. While EPCOR is to be commended for developing solar power in Edmonton, this development should not happen at the expense of the river valley. However, the river valley location directly prevents conservation and hence environmental sustainability; cutting trees and using river valley land means this proposal is anything but green.

The proposal runs counter to the River Valley bylaw, which states as its first goal: In order for this project to be environmentally responsible, it must consider both energy efficiency and conservation. A solar power plant in the river valley does not do this. The problem seems to be a conflict of shareholder requirements: EPCOR is expected to work as a commercial entity and thereby maximize profit, and at the same time it is being asked to develop an environmentally responsible project.

Environmental projects cannot be evaluated by classical economic models focused on profit; they need to follow true-cost accounting. It shows how the environment has the highest value, social needs have the second-highest value, and economic decisions carry the third-highest value. Karsten Heuer, a well-known wildlife biologist with the Yellowstone to Yukon Corridor initiative, has emphasized that minimum width must be meters, and in , a development project in Canmore was rejected because it involved a corridor width of only meters.

Habitat loss is now recognized to be as serious a problem globally as climate change see the UN-funded report released by the ISPPB this past March , so destroying habitat negates the environmental benefit of developing solar energy. We need to stop further habitat destruction and focus on restoring the open spaces that exist.

EPCOR Edmonton, AB (Canada)

EPCOR in Edmonton serves as a utility company that owns the power lines within the city of Edmonton, therefore, the utility also manages and preserves these lines. The company also provides water, wastewater and electricity distribution services to many residents and commercial businesses. Because most cities in Alberta are deregulated in the electricity and natural gas markets, consumers in the EPCOR service area and other neighborhoods have the opportunity to choose a competitive retailer for supply instead of staying with the regulated rates offered by EPCOR.

There are several benefits to comparing your options and shopping around. By researching the regulated-rate option and the competitive suppliers in your area, you can find one that best offers what you want and need.

THE COUNCILLORS OF THE CITY OF EDMONTON, EPCOR UTILITIES INC., EPCOR POWER SERVICES LTD., EPCOR POWER, L.P., CAPITAL POWER CORPORATION Defendants The business of Edmonton Power was to be conducted in accordance with bylaw , Edmonton Power’s articles of incorporation, bylaws and any.

This Fall, I moved into an apartment downtown. Naturally, I am alarmed. They proceed to tell me that the bill is what it is because of a balance transfer from a different account that was active 5 years ago. I explain to them that this cannot be as this is my first time ever having an account with Epcor and that during the time in question I was living at Residence at Grant Macewan something that is easily verifiable.

After debating the merits of using a fax machine to resolve the situation, the incredibly rude customer service person graciously gives me an email to plead my case to. After sending them an email explaining my situation and asking how it can be resolved, I get a canned auto-reply that states they have read my email and understand I would like to cancel my account Wonderful, this in no way addresses the issue of an outstanding balance of hundreds of dollars in my name nor my need to consume electricity at my current home.

Well, I think, I guess I’ll deal with this in a couple days after I receive the confirmation of residence from Macewan and, after sending it in, they will surely resolve the situation and get everything back to normal. Now, after pleading with them to return the money so I can pay rent, they have put my case “under investigation” and will contact me when it’s convenient for them

EPCOR Utilities

October 19, The sub-basin where the Rossdale neighbourhood of Edmonton is located is identified by Epcor as the highest risk of flooding. Rossdale is shown from the 29th floor of Manulife Place in downtown Edmonton. To come up with the risk assessment maps, the city was carved into 1, storm sub-basins, and risk was assessed for each area by compiling engineering studies, stormwater and climate models, insurance maps, as well as historical flooding and maintenance records.

According to Epcor, a sub-basin is the combination of stormwater pipes and depressions in the ground where stormwater collects. In that scenario, the sub-basin where Rossdale sits is identified on the map as the highest risk of flooding.

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The town rests in the Bay of Islands just east of the Gulf of the St. Cox’s Cove has two water sources; the buildings serviced by the contaminated groundwater well are all residential. The initial report which dates from over a year ago cites that E. Despite this, former mayor Tony Oxford said he did not know about it until this reporter made him aware of it. When asked about how his concerns for clean drinking water may have changed since the BWA, Mr. Oxford asked “what boil water advisory are you talking about?

I don’t really follow those things. Oxford, who decided not to run again in last month’s election owns True North Charters and Tours with his wife Joan Oxford.

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