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The Dream of Rhonabwy c. They were not original compositions, drawing as they did on pre-existing traditional material, whether from oral or written sources. But these traditions were reworked, often to reflect contemporary concerns. We might read the Mabinogion as both an interpretation of a mythological past and a commentary on the medieval present. The two and half centuries during which the Mabinogion texts were being composed represent a threshold of critical transition in Welsh history and literature. Here, in this little-known corner of the European Middle Ages, we find the thought-worlds of oral antiquity and literate proto-modernity face-to-face in curious proximity. The transition between the two can be traced as a literary process – which we can observe unfolding on the very pages of the Mabinogion. By the end of the twelfth century, Middle Welsh narrative prose was in its second or third generation, and along with poetical and triadic material formed part of an expanding, self-referencing literary tradition. Vernacular literary self-confidence, as well as foreign influence, accounts for the gilded splendour of thirteenth-century works such as the Three Romances and the Dream of Macsen Wledig. The conclusion of this tradition is marked by the Dream of Rhonabwy, where literary self-consciousness has come full-circle and finally turned in on itself — anticipating the sloughing of the medieval spirit that took place throughout Europe in the following centuries.

Medieval Gwynedd

The region became known as Venedotia in Latin. The name was initially attributed to a specific Irish colony on Anglesey, but broadened to refer to Irish settlers as a whole in North Wales by the 5th century. Dynod was awarded Dunoding , another son Ceredig received Ceredigion , and so forth. Early Welsh literature contains a wealth of stories seeking to explain place-names, and doubtless the story is propaganda aimed at justifying the right of Cunedda and his descendants to territories beyond the borders of the original Kingdom of Gwynedd.

That kingdom probably consisted of the two banks of the Menai Straits and the coast over towards the estuary of the river Conwy, the foundations upon which Cunedda’s descendants created a more extensive realm. The Welsh of Gwynedd remained conscious of their Romano-British heritage, and an affinity with Rome survived long after the Empire retreated from Britain, particularly with the use of Latin in writing and sustaining the Christian religion.

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Elizabeth Blackwell exact date uncertain, at Brynarfor [14] The beach and its extensive promenade have long been key attractions. In , a pier was built at Tywyn, but the structure only lasted a few months. There has been extensive bungalow and caravan development in the vicinity. Lead and copper used to be mined in the town’s hinterland. The Marconi Company built a Long Wave receiver station in Tywyn in , working in duplex with the high-power transmitter station near Waunfawr.

This new transatlantic service replaced Marconi’s obsolete transatlantic telegraph station in Clifden , Ireland following its destruction during the Irish Civil War. The town was a major training ground for the amphibious warfare landings in the Second World War and had a strategic war base. Abandoned pillboxes may still be seen on the coast to the south of the town.

As well as constructing a row of boarding houses and a grand esplanade, he developed the water and sewerage system. He refurbished the Corbet Arms Hotel from then on spelled with two ‘t’s , and also contributed to the Assembly Room , now Tywyn Cinema. Plaques commemorating his generosity may still be seen on the north end of the promenade and on the Market Hall. Another commemorative plaque was on Brynarfor now demolished , and his portrait was hung there when the school first opened.

However, the anticipated grand watering-place never took off, and these additions to the town were never matched. The hospital is still in operation, but the institute is now closed.

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Gildas , in the mid-6th century. Unfortunately, Gildas was not a historian. There is no reference to Arthur, but Gildas does make reference to a character called “The Bear”, the meaning of the Celtic word, Art-. He praises Ambrosius Aurelianus and also mentions the Siege of Mount Badon, though not the name of the victor.

Swingers and adult dating in Gwynedd Gwynedd is an area located in north-west Wales. This lovely area is also home to Bangor University and the Llyn Peninsula and most of the Snowdonia National Park.

Sometimes known as Bangor Museum, the museum is Gwynedd’s only general museum. Gallery The gallery has a wide-ranging programme of exhibitions by local and international artists. Changing regularly, the gallery always offers inspiration. Museum Welsh furniture, textiles, art, archaeology, social history items. Shop The shop sells a mix of unique hand-made crafts including ceramics, jewellery, greetings cards and prints. The Principality Collector Plan Scheme, which is an interest free credit service, is available to individuals to purchase original and contemporary art and craft from both the gallery and shop.

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The point at which legend becomes fact in this descent is not known. It is impossible to judge which version is preferable. Indeed, it is possible that Ethyll was not a historical figure at all but was invented to legitimise the dynastic change in the eyes of successor generations of kings and their supporters. Indeed, it is possible that both Ethyll and Nest were not historical figures at all but were invented to legitimise claims to Gwynedd and Powys, respectively, in the eyes of successor generations of kings and their supporters.

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See Article History Alternative Title: Cymru Wales, constituent unit of the United Kingdom that forms a westward extension of the island of Great Britain. The capital and main commercial and financial centre is Cardiff. Conwy Castle, along the River Conwy, Wales. Welsh engineers, linguists, musicians, writers, and soldiers went on to make significant contributions to the development of the larger British Empire even as many of their compatriots laboured at home to preserve cultural traditions and even the Welsh language itself, which enjoyed a revival in the late 20th century.

In the British government, with the support of the Welsh electorate, provided Wales with a measure of autonomy through the creation of the Welsh Assembly, which assumed decision-making authority for most local matters. Although Wales was shaken by the decline of its industrial mainstay, coal mining , by the end of the 20th century the country had developed a diversified economy, particularly in the cities of Cardiff and Swansea , while the countryside, once reliant on small farming, drew many retirees from England.

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Thomas Cadw ; Lynch ; he history of the kingdom of Gwynedd from the 5th to 11th centuries reflects its struggles against its neighbors within Wales, notably with Deheubarth to the south and Powys to the south-east, and against increasingly powerful Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria, which threatened the area east of the river Clwyd. Gwynedd, with its capital at Aberffraw, was naturally strong, its rich Anglesey farmlands protected by the barrier of Snowdonia.

At several periods it was Wales’ major power, its princes dominating the whole country; but such hegemonies were short-lived, for Celtic society did not recognize primogeniture, and the reluctance of princes to accept any hierarchy among themselves prevented effective consolidation of previous gains. To the swaying struggles of cousins and neighbors were added external forces – the Viking raids of the 9th and early 10th centuries and, in the late 11th century, the advent of the Normans.

The details of this history are few and uncertain; the events and personalities of the 5th century, the nature of the crucial Roman withdrawal and the establishment of Christianity as the dominant religion, are all veiled in legend.

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Yet, by the early seventh century, several kingdoms had emerged, including Gwynedd in the north-west, which was to dominate the region until the Edwardian conquest in There is also evidence for Irish settlers in some parts of Wales, who had taken advantage of the Roman collapse to seek their fortunes overseas. Evidence is strongest in the south-west, where men with Irish names were counted amongst the early rulers of the kingdom of Dyfed.

What evidence we have for settlement sites during the fifth to seventh century shows former Roman sites falling into ruins. However, the rural population continued to farm the land, though yields were almost certainly lower, partly because of economic collapse, but also because of a deterioration in the climate. Wealth was concentrated amongst a small elite, some of whom occupied hillforts where they were the patrons of ornamental metalworkers and other craftsmen.

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Towns[ edit ] Also the northern terminus of the narrow gauge Ffestiniog Railway. A symbolic seat to represent English power in North Wales. Bae Colwyn Conwy — a former resort town that has a small zoo, a twice weekly market, some antique and book shops, a terrific sweeping bay and a dilapidated pier. Hosts under s’ International Rugby in a lovely park. Dinbych Clwyd — a pretty market town and one of the most historic towns in North Wales.

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The report focuses solely on those with a Learning Disability only, disregarding and abandoning those who are deemed ‘higher functioning’. Gwynedd council have for years now been talking about those people who ‘fall between the cracks’ in terms of support and that things were in the pipeline to help. The Report s show that the council have not lived up their promises as their Report states that no support is to be given without there being a Learning disability.

Do the council not recognise Autism as a lifelong disability? This Council seem to have little regard for the various ‘acts’ that are in place to ensure that appropriate and adequate assessment and support be provided for autistic individuals, regardless of their intellectual functioning, i. Every time an Independent person looks at Gwynedd council and their treatment of ASD and their families, they understand the issues and find against the council.

In this case, every time that there has been an Independent Investigation of the facts, it shows that the Department has failed, in many respects and has little understanding of the needs, or the assessment needs of such individuals. We think that there are serious issues in relation to the lack of support, poor handling and inadequate assessment of autistic people and their families by this Department.

Briefly, this family raised a stage 2 complaint in with all points of complaint upheld but no recommendations acted upon.


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First daylight footage of rare fish Lluniau cyntaf o’r Torgoch yn ystod y dydd Published: January 07, Rating: Videos provided by Youtube are under the copyright of their owners. This list contains brief abstracts about monuments, holiday activities, national parcs, museums, organisations and more from the area as well as interesting facts about the region itself. Where available, you’ll find the corresponding homepage. Otherwise the related wikipedia article. The strait is bridged in two places – the main A5 road is carried over the strait by Thomas Telford’s elegant iron suspension bridge, the first of its kind, opened in January , and adjacent to this is Robert Stephenson’s Britannia Tubular Bridge.

While being towed back to Birkenhead for a refit in , she ran aground and was wrecked, and later burned. The school moved to purpose-built premises on Anglesey where it continued for another twenty years. It was originally designed and built by Robert Stephenson as a tubular bridge of wrought iron rectangular box-section spans for carrying rail traffic. Following a fire in it was rebuilt as a two-tier steel truss arch bridge, carrying both road and rail traffic.

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Britannia Bridge from the east along the Menai Strait Anglesey is a relatively low-lying island, with low hills spaced evenly over the north of the island. In all other directions the island is surrounded by the Irish Sea. It is the 51st largest island in Europe, and just five square kilometres smaller than Singapore. There are several small towns scattered around the island, making it quite evenly populated.

Beaumaris is a yachting centre, with many boats moored in the bay or off Gallows Point. The village of Newborough Welsh:

Bangor is a university city in Gwynedd, Wales, and one of the smallest cities in Britain. Bangor lies on the coast of north Wales near the Menai Strait which separates the island of Anglesey from Gwynedd.

He had inherited the succession derived from Maelgwn Gwynedd from his grandmother. In time raids were tempered by trading and alliances were formed with the Vikings of Dublin and the Isle of Man. Maelgwn was King of Gwynedd and probably had his seat here. King Edgar gave permission to Gotffrid’s men to abide in Anglesey and united themselves into one tyranny with the men of Edwin. They never departed, nor ever after that could treachery be eradicated from the island. It stood on the left of the Lleiniog stream, about two miles south west of Penmon where the stream enters the Menai Straits.

A low mound, situated on the north side of the mouth of the stream, may have been the site of an outwork intended to guard the landing. During the fierce battle one of Magnus’ bowmen shot Hugh of Shrewsbury in the eye, whereupon Magnus, seeing him in his death agony, cried “Liet loup! A punishment merited for the cruelties committed by him on the poor inhabitants. Cae Grogi, or Marian Crogwydd, a field situated about three quarters of a mile westward from Penmon Priory, is believed to be the site of the executions, and two holes sunk in the limestone rock, still visible until recently, were the slots made to hold the gallows.

When discord arises among them, all their provisions are devoured and infected by a species of small mice, with which the island abounds, but when the discord ceases, they are no longer molested. Cadwaladr was defeated and peace was declared by the brothers. It was originally shared between the crown and the town.

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Dating to , oozing charm and character throughout, the delightful home was originally part of the Penrhyn Estate sympathetically extended and renovated over the century to provide wonderful and spacious family sized accommodation. Set back from the road the property enjoys seclusion and privacy without isolation with wonderful generous cottage gardens. Well stocked with a multitude of plants, shrubs and trees including a gloriously sunny patio area to the rear.

Included is a large woodland area that drops down into the valley boasting the most spectacular views around. The generous property affords a porch, hallway, lounge with open fire, dining room with an impressive inglenook and multi-fuel burner, fantastic bespoke kitchen-breakfast room with French doors inviting you outside and flooding the kitchen with light and a very sweet sunroom to the ground floor.

Bangor is the most popular destination, Bethesda is noted for both the number of chapels (mostly dating from the Welsh Revival) and pubs in the town. The town was named after the Bethesda Chapel, which was recently converted into residential flats. Gwynedd. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Bethesda (Wales).

The point at which legend becomes fact in this descent is not known. It is impossible to judge which version is preferable. Indeed, it is possible that Ethyll was not a historical figure at all but was invented to legitimise the dynastic change in the eyes of successor generations of kings and their supporters. Indeed, it is possible that both Ethyll and Nest were not historical figures at all but were invented to legitimise claims to Gwynedd and Powys, respectively, in the eyes of successor generations of kings and their supporters.

He succeeded his maternal uncle Cyngen ap Cadell as King of Powys in The Chronicle of the Princes of Wales records that “Rhodri and his brother Gwriad were killed by the Saxons” in [70]. He succeeded in as King of Seisyllwg.

Bangor City Centre, Wales.

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